Recruitment for Housekeepers in Canada

Whether you wish to join full time, part-time, or even full weekend, temporary, apartment, condo, hotel, or housekeeping cleaning jobs, use the resource below to find a good housekeeping position near you. The resource offers a variety of services to assist you in finding a housekeeping position in Canada.

There are a number of types of janitorial jobs in Canada. Many people seek the services of a housekeeper to keep their homes clean, organized, and safe. Some people work as part-time janitorial staff or in-house cleaners while others work full time cleaning different establishments or houses. Regardless of what your occupation is or whether you desire a long term or part-time cleaning experience, you can find a housekeeping position near you by utilizing the service of the Housekeeping Jobs in Canada resource.

A variety of janitorial staffs offer positions such as housekeeper, maid, laundry woman, and other types of cleaning services. Most individuals who have worked as maids or housekeepers have found these jobs to be fulfilling and well worth their time and effort. Some maids provide their own transport to and from the different jobs; others may hire their own driver. Other than transportation, the responsibilities of a maid or housekeeper are often very similar.

The duties of a housekeeper in the home include cleaning linens, doing laundry, vacuuming floors, dusting furniture and appliances, and washing and drying clothes. The requirements of a housekeeper vary with every job; however, most often the job will entail entering the home or office through the front door or hallways and making a thorough sweep of the entire home or office. 

Housekeepers also provide general housekeeping assistance for other members of the household. If there is an extra set of clothes or a pair of shoes that needs to be washed, they will do this for a set fee. They may also assist individuals with changing and organizing towels and other linens and cleaning any types of clothing.