If you want to work for yourself and have a job that can give you the flexibility you need, then Germany is the place for you. Germany is home to one of the largest populations of expats in Europe, so there are plenty of opportunities to find a great job. You will get the freedom and independence you need to set your own pace, and the salaries can be high enough for you to live on and to make some money.

To find a good job, you will have to have good qualifications and certification. Many German companies require that you have a Bachelor’s degree in Business management, accounting, or any related field. They also expect that you have taken a course or two on German law and that you have completed some college courses in accounting. This will help them determine whether you will fit their company’s requirements, so it is important to prepare well and ensure that you have completed your university degree.

In Germany, you will find that there is a great demand for sales assistants. If you are a good communicator and have good interpersonal skills, then you can look forward to being hired as a sales assistant or as an accountant. These positions are very lucrative and you may even be able to get paid well for working as a supervisor.

A German company will usually require you to have experience in the field of management, but they may also want to see your work experience with foreign clients. They may want to know where your work experience is based, and what countries you have worked in before. In addition to your experience and qualifications, they will want to see proof of your language skills and certifications.

There are a number of job agencies in Germany that are willing to advertise jobs for those wanting to work as sales assistants. You will find a lot of job advertisements for people working as sales assistants in the newspaper, on bulletin boards, and on websites, so you will probably find a lot of job opportunities in newspapers as well as in the internet job listings. These job listings can be especially useful if you are looking for a job as a sales assistant in Germany.