How to Confirm An Oder on shopping Site When Received

How to Confirm An Oder on

How to Confirm An Order on shopping Site When Received

How to Confirm An Order on; Buying from and getting your request isn’t sufficiently only to expect nor is it the finish of what you can do. After your request has been delivered to you, you need to likewise confirm the item(s) you have obtained from the seller/dealer. Furthermore, we have made this article – to tell you the best way to confirm an order on Aliexpress shopping site.

Your confirmation goes far in helping and improving the shopping site, the vendor/merchant and yourself. We have listed a couple of necessary points (below) why you ought to confirm items/products you purchased each time it arrives.

Why is it necessary to confirm your order on

#1. Remember that the vendor/dealer will be waiting for you to confirm the items have reached you. Likewise to give a survey of your experience on the item(s) bought, the time it arrived, was the item delivered on the time the merchant, and so on.

Your review matters a lot. Customers read your reviews before they order from a merchant so they don’t fall victim to buying scrab goods and services. One of the criteria of shopping is checking the number of purchases and surveys of the past customers; This helps the new customer to know if it’s safe to purchase from the dealer or merchant.

#2. Also one of the advantages of confirming your items and giving review on them is it helps your account grow and you will have more offers and rewards from the merchants and Aliexpress management.
Aside from that, for a situation later on, if issues arise; your account activities may be the first to check to realize how you have been responding with the dealers so far.

#3. Obviously, more credit to the shopping platform, telling individuals that from around the globe they can put in a request and get it in no time. This is the reason is a worldwide and most well-known shopping platform that sells cheap and quick and effective delivery.

The administration ensures securing the customers’ interest in all costs.

So how about we bounce into steps to confirm your request through the web (

Does Aliexpress have Accurate Tracking?

All things considered, it depends, I have encountered were some items I was tracking was showing “departed country of origin” but the item has arrived in my country.

This is the reason it is important to consistently checkmate (visit your mail station) after around 3-weeks you submitted made the order. In spite of the fact that a few items arrives even before 3weeks. Be that as it may, consistently proceed to check on your tracking if its accurate or not.

Before confirmation, be sure your item has gotten to you or your country. See picture underneath indicating “Track Order” status;

How to Confirm An Oder on

Steps on How to Confirm A received order on

  1. Go to
  2. login to your account
  3. Click on the “Order” button – on the right side of the screen or Under your account profile you should see the “My Orders” button; to click on it.
  4. You should see a list of your orders from here. Now check the goods or items you have received cross-check well (if you placed more than one order that looks similar especially.On the same line as the product, you should click on the “Confirm Good Received” button.
  5. On the other screen you will see the name of the seller and list of goods you bought from that seller, also another button “Confirm Goods Received”.

Aliexpress order confirmation

Check/select the goods you have received (in case you bought more than one item from the seller); then click on “Confirm Goods Received” button.

6. On clicking that there will be another pop-up asking you to confirm that you have received the order.

steps on how to confirm your order on aliexpress

7. Now complete the feedback form and submit. You just confirmed one order received now.

You may go ahead to confirm the rest using the same method on the web.


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