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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

MP3: G-Eazy Feat. The Game & Miguel – Demons & Angels

MP3: G-Eazy Feat. The Game & Miguel - Demons & Angels

G-Eazy – Scary Nights

MP3: G-Eazy Feat. The Game & Miguel – Demons & Angels

G-Eazy Feat. The Game & Miguel - Demons & Angels

G Eazy  Demons and Angels MP3; G-Eazy has recently released a new track called “Demons & Angels” featuring The Game & Miguel and Westvibez provides you with easy access to this track mp3 for your easy stream and download.


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G-Eazy and The Game tear a page from the journal.

While Scary Hours are a certain something, envision the possibility of Scary Nights. G-Eazy as of late conveyed his spic and span EP of that very name, an eight-melody discharge includes a blend of both natural and unique region for Young Gerald. For example, the penultimate track “Evil spirits and Angels,” which discovers G-Eazy connecting with The Game and Miguel for a thoughtful examination of self. The instrumental, bound by Foreign Teck and Nik Dean, is suggestive of those late-night intelligent states. Gerald burns through brief period in getting personal, regretting a portion of the traps that accompany the highrise way of life.

Demons & Angels Mp3

A complex and genuine, it’s invigorating area for the Bay Area Greaser. The Game holds it down for the end explanation, bringing back the craft of the name-drop in a significant manner. “I’m Phil Jackson in this evil coat,” he spits.

Quotable Lyrics

My heart breaks in half every time Suzanne is stress
I’m tryna make it up to mama, I don’t plan for less
She still corrects me when I fuck up, when I’m feelin’ pressed
Said “I just bought a crib for you, come on now, Mom, we’re blessed”
I spoke it all into existence, watched it manifest
She said “Don’t hang that over my head”
I said “You right” and I just let it rest
Damn, I really put a roof over her head, that’s facts


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