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Sunday, October 20, 2019

MP3: T.I. Feat. Beenie Man – I’m Serious

MP3: T.I. Feat. Beenie Man - I'm Serious

MP3: T.I. Feat. Beenie Man – I’m Serious

T.I. I'm Serious MP3

T.I I’m Serious MP3; T.I. has recently released a new track called “” and Westvibez provides you with easy access to this track mp3 for your easy stream and download.


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The creation of Trap Music has been to a great extent credited to Tip Harris; despite the fact that Gucci Mane fans have come to acknowledge a substitute adaptation of history. However the reality remains, T.I. established a damnation of a connection when he initially contacted down in 2001, delivering his major-mark presentation I’m Serious. Given the numbers he’d proceed to move, it’s difficult to envision T.I in his developmental years, a youthful dope kid with a propensity for smooth talk. But I’m Serious filled in as an intriguing, if marginally unfocused prologue to a promising new voice, one that would in the end make significant waves in the early thousand years.

T I  I’m Serious

As is commonly said, one must beginning some place. In that sense, it feels fitting in the first place the undertaking’s title track, which landed at the tallness of a Neptunes imaginative pinnacle. Pharell and Chad Hugo could just do no off-base, binding Tip with a mark synth beat, shortsighted in its ringtone way to deal with tune. T.I. slides from his customary range of familiarity with little exertion, riding the score with his aspiration in plain view. A self-pronounced “grandiose pompous bastard,” it would have been hard not to pull for the wonderfully antagonistic Tip, the future guardian angel of a post-Stankonia Atlanta.; also, he understood his very own fate in working with Jay-Z and streaming on a Dre beat. Congrats to the Troubleman for a long and effective profession, and everything started directly here

Quotable Lyrics

Some n***s wonder what my goal is
They think it’s goin’ gold havin’ hoes sweatin’ me
Fuck that, I’m in it for the longevity
Picture me as one of the greatest that’ll ever be
Compare me to, 2Pac, B.I.G., and Jay-Z
Work with legends like Organized No I.Z, and J.D
Neptunes, even flow on one of Dre’s beats
Fly to Miami, chill with Luke and we can trade freaks

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